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What we 
stand for

At Newmanity school, we shape visionaries grounded in humanistic values, champions of inclusion, collaborators for collective success, stewards of sustainable growth, and advocates for global citizenship. Join us in creating leaders who inspire positive change, leaving an indelible mark on a connected and compassionate world.

Our Story

In 2017 Newmanity was born with a clear mission: to cultivate individuals into inspiring leaders who wish to unleash their full potential and drive positive social change.

We tackle 21st-century challenges through action-oriented education and powerful tools, adaptable to all stages of a leader's evolution.

Starting with adults in corporate and university settings, we expanded to empower children in schools during the pandemic. This journey birthed integrated programs at Newmanity School, uniting leaders of today and tomorrow, where age, background, gender, or context are no barriers to collaboration.

We're a school for all leaders.

Meet the Team

20 Years of Expertise in Organizational Development, Human Growth, Entrepreneurship, Digital and Transformative Education – Shaping Futures with  Passion and Purpose.

The event we held with Newmanity was an excellent example through collaboration, we always achieve more and better! On behalf of the EDP Foundation, I thank all the individuals and partners who made this Bootcamp so interesting. Thank you very much for being part of this journey. Our energy can change the world!

Vanda Martins, Administradora Fundação EDP

Our story in pictures

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