Workshops Newmanity


Our experts from around the globe provide tailored workshops according to our clients' specific needs. These transformational courses follow a 70-20-10 model and are designed to create impact long after we are gone.


  • Leaders who wish to prepare their teams to thrive in any business transformation context

  • Leaders who wish to increase their team’s well-being, self-management, and performance

  • People who wish to create a meaningful career path aligned with life’s purpose

  • Anyone who wishes to create impact with an organization while acquiring tools to thrive in a fast-changing work paradigm

Some of our favourite Well-being workshops:

  • How to develop a culture of well-being

  • Creative innovation

  • High-performance and self-sufficient teams

  • The competitive advantage of intuitive leadership

  • Creativity & productivity: How to get in the Flow

  • Quantum physics, human development, and organizational transformation

  • Military leadership techniques for building organisational cohesion & foster high performance

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