Speaking Engagements with Filipa Larangeira

The world doesn’t need more ‘successful people.’ The world desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.
— Dalai Lama

For most of her life Filipa was an outlier.

She didn’t speak much until she was 11 years old and long after that, she continued to feel that she didn’t “fit in”.

Having experienced several personal setbacks such as bullying, emotional,  and physical abuse, panic attacks, and depression, she spent most of her life hiding from the world.

In the professional lane, Filipa was a restless job hopper for most of her career. She had more than 10 jobs in 14 years! Looking back she believes that this eagerness to find her purpose became her greatest competitive advantage in a fast-changing working paradigm and part of the secret of her professional success.

She also looks at her personal challenges as a blessing as they have placed her in the perfect stage to observe the world, to get to know and love herself more, and study human development.

After one life-changing event, Filipa decided that it was time to come back to life, develop her talents, and use them to serve the world.

Filipa wholeheartedly believes in humanity and our potential to achieve greatness by becoming emotional leaders in whichever context we are in - company, family, or community.

In her transformational speeches Filipa combines her unique real-life experience story-telling, with scientific and personal findings with the goal of inspiring her audience to pursue their road to happiness with courage, commitment, and passion.

Filipa’s favourite topics:

  • The well-being journey: how to become a superhuman

  • How to thrive in tomorrow’s work paradigm with the tools you have today

  • Building impactful HR teams

  • Mothers are great leaders

  • Diversity means no one is left behind

  • How to become an impactful leader in your company, community,  and family

  • The fulfilling art of serving others

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