Newmanity Leadership Bootcamp ®


Companies need super leaders to handle digital transformation.

The leadership and management skills taught at Newmanity Leadership Bootcamp® were developed by an elite group of accomplished experts and entrepreneurs throughout years. Their leadership strategies and tactics have been proven in the real world. Real world, real results.

In just three days, the Newmanity Leadership Bootcamp® will help your team’s leadership skills make a quantum leap to the next level of performance, productivity, innovation, motivation and effectiveness.


Companies and professionals who want to take their leadership skills to the next level by exponentially developing human built-in technology while creating ripples of positive impact on all business stakeholders.

  • Top managers wanting to sharpen and refresh their leadership skills

  • Managers transitioning into more senior positions

  • Emerging leaders as part of a personal development plan


  • Neuroscience

  • Health & Well-being

  • Biohacking

  • NPL

  • Mastermind and group coaching

  • Impact entrepreneurship and design thinking


  • Raise levels of innovation, empathy and trust within leaders and their stakeholders

  • Build a truly collaborative leadership team

  • Build agility and complex problem-solving skills

  • Learn to lead across cultures, stakeholders and generations

  • Create value with ethics and impact

  • Prepare the organization for business transformations and working paradigm shifts

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