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Female Leadership Program


We are committed to empowering female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs so that they can bring wellbeing and sustainable progress to the world.

Why do we do it?

According to the World Economic Forum, it’s expected to take at least 100 years to reach gender equality in the workplace. Furthermore, a recent study from Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation (“As mulheres em Portugal, hoje. Quem são, o que pensam e o que sentem”) shows that Portuguese women feel “depressed, unhappy and underpaid”.

We can do better!  In a fast-paced world, there is no time to wait for balance.

Having more women in leadership positions is not only crucial for organizational balance and business success as it is paramount for a sustainable socioeconomic paradigm.

Women have outnumbered men at universities and, in some countries, even at the workforce. The challenge is to prepare and empower them to lead with their natural abilities and strengths instead of replicating the predominant masculine leadership style.

Portugal is the 10th country in the world with the highest number of female entrepreneurs and 43% of Portuguese women said that they would like to create their own business.

Your wish is our command, ladies!

Newmanity School developed a science-based female leadership acceleration program that aims to increase by 50% the number of female founders and leaders in organizations until 2030.

Our team of multidisciplinary experts came together to design a unique transformational training journey that will boost your self-awareness, self-confidence, learning ability, creativity and impact.

What will you learn?

Our 12-week program focuses on developing three main areas:

  • Heart Intelligence: The gateway of exponential personal development, also known as “human technology”. Through this powerful tool, you will greatly improve your self-awareness, self-confidence, equanimity, empathy, learning ability and creativity.

Unleash the power within you!

  • Nature-inspired Innovation systems: Learn how nature can be an accessible and wise mentor to your projects. Everything around you teaches you something important so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and create in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Keep it simple!

  • Impact Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is a fast-track to evolution and provides us with must-have skills set in a fast-changing world. 4th Bottom-line business models also known as Impact or Purpose-driven businesses are the future! By 2025 Millennials are forecast to comprise half of the workforce and they are future consumers too. They demand more sustainable and human-centric organizations hence we will teach you how to be successful in your ventures by doing good!

How will you learn?

We believe that learning should be a pleasurable and transformational journey that changes the way we think, feel and act by creating a powerful “new Self”.

Hence we designed a transformational 12-week training program based on immersive experiences, tailored to your individual passions and supported by community learning (group projects).

The program is a combination of:

  • Heart-centric leadership coaching

  • Impact entrepreneurship skills development

  • Project management mentoring

  • Sustainable Innovation training

Our sessions take place after working hours through online sessions and offline experiences in Lisbon, Portugal.

Program Overview:

STAGE 0 - “Surprise Retreat”

STAGE 1 - “Sandbox” (4-weeks - June): Students will be divided into groups and solve weekly in-house challenges. To support the journey groups will be provided with project mentors, leadership coaches, masterclass teachers and curated resources.

STAGE 2 - “Inter-company innovation” (4-weeks - July): The groups will be faced with real-life companies’ challenges in the fields of organizational well-being or sustainable innovation.
To support the journey groups will be provided with project mentors, leadership coaches, masterclass teachers and curated resources.

STAGE 3 - “Social innovation” (4-weeks - September): After the two first stages of acceleration and a summer break to integrate the experiences, students are ready to show off their new talents and give back to society. In partnership with public institutions, NGO’s and Impact startups, our students will put their new skills to work serving the community.

They will also be allocated to women that can’t afford the course as a way of spreading the learnings and consolidate the experience.

Weekly calendar:

Saturday morning - Community experience, Masterclass with one of our guest teachers and disclosure of weekly challenge.

Monday evening - Planning & Business coaching session (online)

Wednesday evening - Leadership & Heart Intelligence coaching (offline and online)

Friday evening - Project presentation & celebration

Who is this program for?

The program is open to the general public and companies that wish to increase the number of female leaders in their organizations.

Either you are an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur or - actual or at heart - that wish to unleash your full leadership power while creating a positive impact in the world, this is your opportunity!

This is a call out to all Wonder Women, Captain Marvels, Goddesses, Priestesses and Queens out there.

Is that you?

We have limited vacancies and all applications are subject to screening in order to meet our program standards.