Our story

After a burnout and a having been diagnosed with anxiety attacks at the age of 7 that limited her health and happiness, Filipa Larangeira, CEO and founder of Newmanity, became a passionate student of human development.

Her 14-year career in big corporations -  like Nokia, Unilever - and fast-paced startups - such as Vision-Box, Miniclip and Uniplaces - put her in the perfect spot to conduct her field research.

All of her findings were later on tested in herself, her team and clients.

Throughout this purposeful-journey, Filipa met numerous global experts in several fields such as health & wellness, science, technology, HR, and education. Today, many of them are part of Newmanity team and personal friends.

Their lifetime wisdom is now available through Newmanity solutions or their individual practices.   

Filipa is a passionate creator, inspirational speaker, writer, and humanitarian that loves her family, friends, sports, nature, and to live life to its fullest.


A purposeful network of global experts

We believe in the power of cooperation and proven experience.

Newmanity’s solutions are designed by a team of passionate and experienced experts from all over the world, that came together for a common purpose: empower companies and leaders to reach their full potential.

This cognitive diversity, solid knowledge, and shared values are the secret sauce of our impactful solutions.

Newmanity’s purpose is to exponentially increase and democratize work well-being and sustainable progress.


Our values



We are an inclusive and diverse group of people aligned by the same values and purpose: to leave every company much better than we found it.


We are life-long learners that openly share knowledge while empowering all our stakeholders to be autonomous and powerful change agents.


We focus on delivering shared value operating with trust, integrity, commitment, and respect for our stakeholders… And we don’t expect less than that in return! ;)


We use our solid expertise, technology, science, and power of communities to create smart well-being solutions and propel business positive impact in the world.


We choose service over self-interest and we understand the importance of sustainable growth and human well-being for building capacity for future generations.