We are catalysts for heart-centered leadership

Newmanity designs and deploys human-to-human solutions with the purpose of supporting organizational change towards more human-centric, agile, sustainable and balanced ecosystem.

We are committed to empowering women to achieve their full leadership potential in different organizational contexts: business, politics, media, education, environmental.

Newmanity’s multidisciplinary team developed a leadership development journey that focuses on the individual development of “heart intelligence” (also known as “heart brain”) as the key driver of organizational transformation.

We are leveraging the digital Era with heartful tools that improve human built-in technology.

We are humans. What’s your superpower ?!


Well-being is good for you and for business

91% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts say they feel motivated to do their best.
— American Psychological Association
Companies that invest in well-being programs have 11% higher revenue per employee.
— Buffett National Wellness Survey
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53% of organizations are engaged to create a culture that promotes health and wellness and 60% of organizations offer wellness programs.
— Society for HR Management
Companies that invest in wellbeing programs have 1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year
— Buffett National Wellness Survey

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What’s new

“Changing an organization, a company, a country—or a world—begins with the simple step of changing yourself.”
- TOny robbins
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