Newmanity 2.0.: Rebranding and Refocusing


By Filipa Larangeira, CEO & Founder, Newmanity

Newmanity’s first steps happened in the end of 2016.

After a 13-year career in large multinationals and startups helping to develop people and teams, it was time to take it to a larger scale: more companies, more people, more impact.

The mission was clear: to help as many people as possible, to feel happier at work and in life in general. We just had to figure out how :))

At the time all our brand identity reflected our initial thoughts and expectations of how we would going to evolve. Little did we know that startups have a life of their own.

Although I’ve been working with startups for the past years, being the founder and CEO of one took things into a whole new level. I was no longer the HR Director, for I had to not only manage and develop my team, but also make sure our strategy was effective, our finances were healthy and our clients were happy.

In addition to this multitude of challenges, we decide that we were going to “walk our talk” so from day one we adopted a growth mindset and started experiencing new ways of working with our own team and stakeholders.

The goal was to prove that is possible to work in more cooperative, transparent, flexible and human-centric ways without compromising business performance.

We also did a lot of “trial and error” around marketing and sales namely with the content we wanted to provide to our audience, so that it would be relevant, inspiring, empowering, unique and beautiful.

Defining a price point and portfolio of services was also an interesting chapter of our growth: how could we simultaneously be affordable and sustainable? Should we have a strict set of services or be open to what our clients would request from us? Should we focus more on businesses or individuals?

We invested a lot of time and energy researching global best practices, new tools, and fresh-eyes approaches so that we could address a new paradigm in both workforce and modern society’s lifestyle.

Hence for the past 12 months, Newmanity became a true organizational and business Lab!

This week, the team and I sat together at lunchtime remembering the past months...what a journey! So many valuable lessons, changes, adjustments in working spaces, team, leadership, strategic goals, targets, ways of working, tools, rhythm...all of them made us stronger and wiser.

It seems that lifetimes have passed, and maybe in terms of accumulated knowledge it did. That’s the “startup effect”: you get to learn a bunch of things at the speed of light.

By the end of 2017, we gathered all these learnings and made an assessment of what needed to go, what needed to stay and what would we add to our “formula”.

Intuitively it was clear that a new Newmanity was being born, and that was the natural consequence of our own personal growth, individually and as a team.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  - Socrates

So at the beginning of 2018, we decided that would work in a more balanced, focused and impactful year: “slow and steady” as opposed to the usual rushing in the startup context. That is our business after all: to create sustainable solutions that help to shift the way we live and work into a more human and happier paradigm.

Aside from consolidating our services to individuals and organizations, and making our website look prettier and clearer, a new powerful tool was born:  “The Purpose Alliance”, a trusted community of partners that would leverage our skills, and our outreach.  

We also reinforced our company’s values with UN’s sustainable development goals to help guide our present and future actions, towards our stakeholders, community and environment.

Thus at the beginning of this year, we felt we needed to celebrate a new beginning with a slight rebranding.

That’s how Joss and Madalena came up with this new concept of an “Enso” circle. It symbolizes unity,  all-inclusive, and evolution. The color palette was also altered to incorporate more joyful and vivid colors.

This is how we see Newmanity: a community builder and a catalyzer for positive transformation built upon diversity and symbiotic cooperation between people, nature, and technology.

Last but definitely not least, we modify our tagline to better convey what Newmanity is all about: “Work.Life.Purpose”

That’s our vision and what we are working hard and passionately to create: a new paradigm of co-living and co-working based on human-centric and sustainable values.

Tell us what you think about our rebranding!