An Open Letter

Dearest Newmanity Community;

First, we would like to welcome you to our organization: Newmanity. Our hearts are filled with joy for the birth of this company. For such a young organization, Newmanity is proud to already have a strong network of support from people of all walks of life, as well as public and private organizations, who share our vision of the future.

Newmanity was born from our shared passions and gifts, as well as our personal journeys of self-growth and self-development. When we looked around at our current society, we saw many of our fellow citizens struggling with a lack of overall well-being. And we thought:

How can we help others live long, healthy, fulfilling lives?

That question quickly led to a complex answer: since “well-being” depends on many variables, we would have to intervene on multiple fronts. But which ones? We decided to target what we consider the main pillars of a society:


By working on these 5 fronts, Newmanity aims to democratize well-being.

We will:

1. Build a healing, retreat, and personal development center.

Our Center will welcome those seeking holistic healing or personal development work, even if they cannot afford it.

2. Open democratic schools.

Our current education system is no longer adequate to prepare our children for the future. We aim to change that by creating “democratic” schools: where learning and curriculum are directed by the child, in collaboration with teachers. Our schools will help children mature into well-rounded, respectful adults, who know their worth and are fully equipped with the entrepreneurship skills necessary to thrive in the future market.

3. Produce and distribute healthy, beyond-organic plants.

The saying “you are what you eat” contains a great deal of wisdom and we will make wholesome vegetables and fruit readily accessible, even for those who cannot traditionally afford high-priced organic. We also aim to do this in a regenerative way: respecting the natural resources of this planet and not introducing chemicals (herbicides or pesticides) to our ecosystem. Our plant production includes both land-based farming and urban-based vertical farming.

4. Assist others in creating their own “impact business”
or work with purpose.

We do this with our Academy and continuing education centers, where people can meet peers and collaborators, learn new skills in this exponential market, and transition to purpose-driven careers. Through our consultancy & innovation branch - Orangeboom - we will support people in finding their talents and meaningful jobs as well as helping companies create sustainable and positive impact businesses.

5. Run multigenerational, inclusive co-living spaces.

Community and social connections are the strongest predictors of longevity and we aim to foster a strong social network with our innovative co-living spaces. Younger generations can learn so much from our more senior citizens and older generations can feel a sense of connection and community, preventing the common problem of loneliness.

6. Open bio-tech stores that will sell our produce and other sustainable products.

We will do this by creating a Newmanity franchise with cutting edge technology that turns shopping into a truly magnificent experience (think Amazon Go).

7. Open restaurants that serve wholesome food, as well as educate others on the benefits of healthy nutrition.

At our cantina-style restaurants, you’ll be able to pick your plants and watch them being prepared by our chefs. You’ll also be able to participate in Newmanity Nutrition workshops: learning everything you need to know about healthy eating.

But Newmanity will not stop there!

Through a strong community of like-hearted citizens, we pledge to continue challenging the status quo and offering forward-thinking, innovative solutions, to some of society’s most challenging problems.

Newmanity is a purpose and heart-driven organization that brings together the best of humans, the best of nature, and the best of technology.

Together, we will usher in a new age of cooperation, collaboration, love, compassion, and...Well-Being!

Welcome to Newmanity! Please feel free to shoot us an email! We love to connect with our customers and community at large.


With Love & Light;

Filipa Larangeira, CEO & Co-Founder, Newmanity
Christina Lopes, Chief Well-Being & Co-Founder, Newmanity