Disrupt or Create Value?

Diamandis quote (Newmanity)

Peter Diamandis is a visionary entrepreneur and an unquestionable reference of impact business. His enthusiastic perspective of technology and progress in general leads him to believe that in this exponential world, both startups and established companies need to disrupt in order to thrive.

Despite our admiration for Diamandis, we prefer the see the world more like W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, professors and authors of the 3.6 million copy international bestseller, Blue Ocean Strategy.

They argue that rather than focusing on competing, companies should focus on creating.

We believe that having disruption as a strategic goal, always on the back of your “entrepreneurial  mind”, can be highly detrimental for your business vision. It can also make you rush into making decisions based on pure pressure (a.k.a. competitor moves), rather than focusing on a healthy organizational development.

Let’s try a simple exercise: replace “competition” with “partnership” , and “disruption” with “value creation”.

Which one of these words would:

1. Help your business scale better and faster?

2. Improve your innovative abilities?

3. Increase your business market share?

4. Support best your team’s knowledge acquisition?

5. Increase progress and human lives the most ?

6. Bring entrepreneurs and companies better quality of living?

Last but not the least…

What do you think is best for the global economy: few companies with gigantic revenues or lots of fully sustainable and financially healthy companies?