Exciting News: Our Brands Are Merging!

Newmanity Brand Merge

For the past month, we’ve been diligently working on the merging for our two personal brands (Christina Lopes and Orangeboom) with Newmanity. And within the next couple of weeks, our old brands will disappear and give way to a unified Newmanity.

From the start of Newmanity, we structured the company in five branches, two of which represented our personal brands (Wellness & Healing and Impact Business). This 5 branch structure was meant to not only address the issues related to well-being but also to seamlessly integrate our past experiences into one unified brand.

And the time for a full merge of brands has come! Within the next couple of weeks, the brand Orangeboom will become Newmanity Business and Christina Lopes will become Newmanity Wellness + Healing.

This shift and merge brings great joy to our hearts as it represents an expansion of Newmanity and its mission of increasing well-being on the planet.

We at Newmanity have what tech entrepreneur and visionary thinker Peter Diamandis calls an MTP: A Massively Transformative Purpose. And it’s plainly visible right in our tagline. “Well-being For All” means that we are helping to democratize well-being in all its components.

And our hearts are filled with joy as we take another giant step in the direction of our purpose.

Yet we would not be here today, joyfully building Newmanity, if we had not walked our own individual paths: each with unique experiences that we brought to the table when we founded Newmanity.

So how did we get here? What were the steps that led to this brand merge?



  1. Christina moved from the USA in 2013, after a major life event caused her to reassess how she wanted to live her life. She left a 10-year clinical career in pediatrics behind, but moved to her parent’s homeland of Portugal with joy and excitement!

  2. In 2014, Christina started her personal brand, evolving toward a more holistic way of healing, coaching, and guiding others. Through her one-on-one work with clients and also on her YouTube Channel, she connected with a beautiful tribe of like-hearted people who were looking to live happier, more meaningful lives.

  3. Christina started coaching Filipa in 2015 and we noticed just how complementary our passions were (that would come in handy later when we founded Newmanity!)

  4. In 2016, Filipa left behind her comfortable VP role in a popular Portuguese startup and founded her own consultancy business, Orangeboom.

  5. In December of 2016, we finally joined forces as Co-Founders and Co-CEO’s of Newmanity!

Now what’s next?

So much! We are currently working very hard (but having fun too!) with a dedicated and amazing team of 10 trainee's on multiple projects that we’ll reveal soon.

For now, stay tuned for more developments on our merge, including the launching of two new Newmanity-affiliated websites:

Newmanity Wellness + Healing and Newmanity Business.

Oh the adventures that await us! We can’t wait!

With Love & Light;

Filipa Larangeira, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Newmanity
Christina Lopes, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Newmanity