Knowledge And Purpose: The Driving Forces To A New Humanity


By Inês Klinesmith, Journalist

While Newmanity may not yet be a word in the Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries, its meaning is widely understood: New Humanity.

At the core of the concept is humanity, people of this world whom I strive to support and fight for. It is also the very principle of Newmanity and the reason why I relate to them and the work they have set out to do.

I have always been a people person. I like understanding what drives us, what makes us tick, how we communicate and interact. I have been fortunate enough to have always known the sort of direction I should take: mostly because I ruled out everything I was not very good at or that did not bring me any joy (such as Math). 

At one point I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but quickly realised this was most definitely not my calling or purpose. I had some of the most inspirational teachers at school, so I did consider this as a career option too, but it was short-lived. I finally realised that what I really liked most was information, knowledge in general, whichever type, and that my instinct was to disseminate it.

Telling people about a, b or c, or explaining x, y or z became my PURPOSE.

This is exactly what led me to pursue media studies and, more specifically, journalism. Above all, I wanted to communicate with a purpose and educate myself and others along the way.

When I talk about education, I do not mean the amount of degrees or diplomas one can have hanging on the wall. Rather, I understand education as the way to look for and take in knowledge, the effort to understand what is foreign or unknown.

With knowledge comes the power to help shape our world into a better one. With knowledge comes the ability to broaden horizons and look outside our comfort zones. With knowledge comes empathy and understanding for things, people and concepts which we were previously unaware of. It is also knowledge, and all that it brings, that allows us to fight with a purpose, whatever it might be, and have an impact.

I believe that everyone seeks, to some extent, to find out about what they want to do and exactly what their place and purpose is in this world.

Whether as a philosophical exercise or seen in a more practical manner, people have always faced this conundrum. Purpose does not necessarily mean that we have one single purpose, goal or place within humanity. We can all have multiple purposes that can be connected by one common thread.

Purpose(s) are also not written in stone, which means they can change and develop just as it is in our nature to do so. The fluidity of humanity and all for which it stands is exactly why I find it so fascinating.

Living life with a purpose and working with a purpose are definitely key ingredients to a happier existence and while I seem to have found mine, at work, at home, and with what I do in my free time, finding purpose is no easy feat. It takes work and there are always bumps on the road.

And while the road is never-ending, it is also undoubtedly enjoyable.

Ines (Newmanity)

Inês is a multi-tasker, avid reader, and music listener, knowledge seeker and adventure chaser. She is passionate about people, effective communication and human rights. Among many other things, she believes in inclusivity, compassion, and intersectional feminism. To connect with Inês, click here.